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Adult Treatment

Orthodontic treatment can be done at any age. Many studies show that at least 10% of patients undergoing treatment are adults. Tooth movement may take longer but the actual time in treatment is dependent upon what the goals are. In addition, since the jaws are no longer growing, there may be certain limitations as to what can be accomplished. However, the benefit of orthodontic treatment, such as an improved smile and self-esteem with better function, makes orthodontic treatment very rewarding. Also, many report that it is easier to keep their teeth and gum tissues cleaner after treatment.

Full or limited treatment may also be advised by your family dentist to help in restoring missing teeth. This can involve a team approach with other dental specialists.

With recent improvements in technology, adults say that the treatment turned out to be much easier than they thought it would. Often times adults report their friends do not even notice that they are having treatment done.

Jaw Surgery

Certain types of bite correction will require not only braces to straighten the teeth but also jaw surgery by an oral surgeon for changes in the facial bones. The jaws can be too narrow, too long, too short or asymmetrical in appearance. This can have an influence not only on facial appearance, but also affect chewing and lead to other oral health problems, such as premature wearing of the teeth.

Braces are first placed to align the teeth so they will fit together after surgery is completed. Then the surgery is done. The oral surgeon will use the braces and wires to help stabilize the teeth and jaws. Afterward, the final alignment of the teeth is accomplished.