Introductory Information for Patients and Parents


We sincerely appreciate your confidence in selecting our office and assure you that we will do everything possible to justify that confidence. This sheet briefly explains our usual office procedures for new patients. Please read it, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.


The first visit is usually a "get acquainted" time for all of us. The patient will be examined in the presence of the parent(s), and a general explanation of the orthodontic problem, and the possible treatment approaches for that problem, will be discussed.

If treatment seems to be indicated, certain diagnostic material must be obtained before a definitive diagnosis and treatment plan can be made. You will usually be given a second appointment for this purpose.

If treatment will probably be needed, but the patient is not at a favorable developmental stage for treatment, we may recommend that he of she be placed under "observation" and seen at regular intervals. In this way we can observe the child's growth and development, and start any necessary treatment at the optimum time.

If we feel that the child's dental development is normal for his or her age, or that orthodontic treatment is not advisable for one reason or another, the patient will probably be dismissed to the care of the family dentist.

THE SECOND APPOINTMENT- DIAGNOSTIC RECORDS ($350.00 - If the family dentist can furnish recent x-rays of all teeth, this fee will be $260.00)

The diagnostic material necessary for a thorough diagnosis and treatment plan usually includes plaster models of the teeth, a head x-ray, dental x-rays and photographs of the face and teeth.


The consultation takes place after all of the diagnostic records have been carefully studied. One or preferably both parents should accompany the patient to this appointment, and we will try to arrange it at a time when this is possible.

At this appointment, we will explain in detail any and all problems present, and all possible treatment alternatives. Questions pertaining to types of appliances, length of treatment, appointments, patient cooperation required, and fees, etc. will be answered.

Again, we are happy to have you here. Orthodontic treatment is usually pleasant, and the results are immensely gratifying. All personnel and facilities of this office are here expressly to serve your child's well being, and it is our sincere wish that our services would be beneficial to all concerned.